I STILL have not met Army Guy in person, but we’ve “known” each other since late 2007.  He had posted on Craig’s List under Strictly Platonic m4w looking for a pen pal (such an antiquated term that clearly ages me) while he was stationed in Iraq.

He didn’t want to correspond with anyone who was going to thank him for his service or call him a hero.  I assured him that he would get none of that from me.

The only supporting of our troops I’ve done is to send him a few care packages that included mix CDs I burned, cookies I made, cigars, and random food items.  Oh, and disclosure of the dirty events in my life.  Not being able to fuck for months at a time would make me want to avoid all thoughts of sex, but he wanted to know what and who I was doing so I obliged.  Really, it was my duty as an American, right?

Army Guy is no longer in the Army, but the name has stuck.  He hates it, but one of the reasons he got the name is because it doesn’t fit him.  He’s nothing like I expected him to be, though I don’t know what I expected exactly.

And that’s one of my things–being disarmed by guys.  The juxtaposition of a baby face and a dirty mind gets me every time.  Or, in his case, a smart, sexy, funny, sensitive guy who just happens to have been trained by the military.

I swear.  True story.