I had been thinking about how cool it’d be if he came to visit me.  Since I’ve learned my lesson letting guys stay here without first meeting them in person, he’d have plans to stay elsewhere but come visit me.

We’d walk the dog.  I’d show him the great views.  One particular stairway would be great–stairs up to a landing with a clearing and garden with a bench.

I would be able to see Isis running around while he and I sit on the bench.  That would be when we finally kiss–since I’d be Chatty Cathy all along and not shutting up long enough for anything.  So we’d kiss.  And I’d want to suck his cock right there–to get on my knees between his legs and just suck and suck and lick and feel the smooth skin of his cock.  But I wouldn’t since we’d be outside where houses would be facing the clearing.

We’d continue our walk, the whole time thinking about being naked all over each other.

It will have been a while since he’d gone down on a woman–and he loves it.  It’s been a while since someone’s gone down on me properly.  I would love for someone to take his time and know he was completely enjoying himself.

After the walk we’d hang out at my place.  We’d shower, him downstairs, me upstairs, and hang out talking, listening to music, drinking, noshing.  Then the friend he’d be staying with would show up to pick him up (too late for BART maybe, or friend was here anyway).

His friend would be cute.  He’d smell good.  He’d have a drink or two.  Army Guy and I would continue to keep drinking.

I would love to see the negotiation between the two straight guys contemplating a threesome.  Wow, that’s so fucking hot.

Since Army Guy and I have already kissed (and maybe fucked by this point), we begin ….

I swear.  True (fantasy) story.