[Continued from Under the Crimson Moon, “The Ice Cream Shop:  A Fantasy (pt 1) (via @ShazamSF).]

I stuffed the slip of paper into my pocket and helped the girl down off the counter. Her long, straight, brunette hair hung down, obscuring her face; it wasn’t long enough to hide her full, firm breasts, though. I led the anonymous girl over to an empty table, away from the three other patrons. She bent forward over the table and I sat down in the chair facing her bare ass.

I was still inexplicably erect, and it didn’t feel like it was going to subside any time soon, so I decided to make the most of the situation. I stood and opened my shorts. They fell immediately to the floor, leaving me to stand with my tented boxers in plain view of the other customers. Only the cute girl glanced over. Once she looked away, I pushed my boxers down, causing my growing erection to spring free.

Her legs were spread but I pushed them together, bringing her hips a little higher. Taking my dick in hand, I drew the head along her slit, coating it in her arousal and whatever saliva was left from the girl before me. I took a moment to stroke her pussy without penetrating her. She squirmed and writhed on the table every time I pushed against her clit, and each time the cute girl looked over. Once I was nice and hard, I spread her open as much as I could and popped the head into her clenching cunt.

Now, I’m not exactly what you’d call “well-hung,” but nor am I small. I’m pretty average. But poised at this girl’s opening, her small, tight body made my cock look huge. I could see her gripping the edge of the table with white knuckles as I pushed into her.

I wasn’t even halfway in before the clerk came over with a bucket of vanilla in one hand and a bottle of Hershey’s syrup in the other. The scoop rode in the pocket of his apron. He set the syrup and ice cream down on the table next to me and peeled the lid off the bucket. He dug out the first scoop and stepped to my table.

“Actually,” I said before he could put the scoop in the small of the girl’s back. “Could you put them here?” I drew a circle with my finger on the highest point of the girl’s ass, about two inches in front of where my penis penetrated her.

The girl had developed a light sheen of sweat, and when the scoop of frozen cream hit her hot skin, she flinched and almost jerked off my shaft. I held her hips tight as I leaned into her; she couldn’t go anywhere.

The ice cream began to melt immediately. One rivulet drew a line to the small of her back, while another traced a path between her ass cheeks and down onto the base of my shaft. I let a little more run down before filling her completely. As our bodies came together, the ice cream collected in the pool created by her ass and my trimmed pubes.

The second scoop joined the first and they managed to stay put. The clerk left the scooper in the craters left in the bucket, and retrieved the chocolate syrup.

“Hang on,” I said, just as he was about to pour the syrup on top of the ice cream. I drew my shaft out until the head was all that remained inside her and let the ice cream melt a bit more. I slid into her slowly again, more easily this time, and pushed some of the melted vanilla cream into her vagina. The girl writhed and bucked against my plunging cock, but I held her still. I throbbed deep inside her, flexing into the conflicting cold and hot.

Buried deep inside her, I picked up one of the ice cream scoops with my hand, fondled it like a bar of soap, and carefully put it back. With a tilt of my hips, I pulled out of the girl’s cunt and gripped my dick with the hand covered in ice cream.

“Right here,” I told the clerk, gesturing to the shaft in my hand. It felt so cold, like it was freezing my penis solid. It was almost painful; I couldn’t feel the syrup as he squeezed it onto my shaft.

“Leave it,” I groaned as I began to push my cold cock into the girl’s hot pussy. The conflicting sensations were overwhelming; I had to stop halfway in so I wouldn’t come too early.


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