Some of y’all have just never encountered a casual sex “relationship” and don’t know how to conduct yourselves.  Or you just did it wrong.  I’m here to help, my lovelies.

  • Spending the night is optional.  Whether to actually sleep with your host after you’ve “slept” together is a mutual decision.  If she invites you and you want to stay, do so with morning sex in mind.  If she does not offer, don’t fall asleep considering yourself invited–that’s overstaying your welcome, and the morning will definitely be an uncomfortable mess of awkwardness.  If you ask and she says no–for whatever reason–be gracious and leave, thanking her for a fun fuck on the way out.  Should she request your presence in her sleeping chamber, but you don’t want to stay, it is fine to thank her and leave–no need for lame-ass excuses.
  • If things are uncomfortable beyond repair, get the fuck out.  No need to explain yourself beyond, “I’ve got to go.”  A woman will assume she’s done something wrong, but better to avoid a fight–or some other encounter that ensures mutual bad feelings–than to have an argument reminiscent of an “If you really cared about me … ” discussion.
  • Keep in contact with her.  A phone call, email, text, tweet, Facebook message, Craig’s List post, or smoke signal letting her know you had a great time is just nice.  She may have postulated that you had a good time when you shot your wad on her face, but it’s still nice to hear/read that the person whose asshole you licked enjoyed it.  Be specific in stating what you enjoyed.  For example, a text that reads, “Good fuck” may or may not be sufficient.  Try, “My favorite part was seeing your ass bouncing on my cock” and see if she doesn’t invite you back for more.

Yep, more to come ….

I swear.  True Story.