This, with minimal editing, is Meg’s first-person, next-day, recounting of one of the best nights anyone has ever had.  I’m assuming, ’cause I certainly have never experienced anything like this.  Nor have I ever heard (or read) anyone quite so effusive.  Makes me want to fuck both Meg and TD–separately, and together.  And y’all can thank Meg for the HOT photos as well.  Both the post and the photos are Random Rim Jobs exclusives so don’t think you’ll get this fun elsewhere.

Meg, in her own words:

Yesterday was fantastic. Even Starbucks was nice. It was a break from my routine and I’m not used to that.

He came by my house.  I don’t know why, but I like that he’s seen my house. From my house we went to Starbucks to put a sandwich in my belly and to find a hotel closer to my house, which was a sweet gesture. He’s much sweeter than he’d care to admit.

Then we went to the river.  Honestly, that may have been what really tipped the scales.  We just relaxed in the shade with the wind blowing. We talked some, I stared at those eyes some–I can see them in my head just thinking about them–but mostly we sat and relaxed. I don’t know why but I feel really comfortable around him; even the first night when I was nervous, I wasn’t uncomfortable.

We left the river, he dropped me off at home, and he went to go navigate traffic, get lost, and eventually find his hotel. I went to be Mom for a few hours. The hotel had a 24-hour hot tub so after getting dinner set at home, I packed my suit and headed out. The drive down wasn’t bad and the hotel was nice.

I found his room, 711, and knocked. He had a nice big bed so I straddled him while we chit-chatted about what we were going to do that night. That somehow led to me sitting on his face. It was still early evening with light coming through the window so I could see his eyes looking at me. If I could have focused for longer than a few seconds I would’ve just stared at those eyes. But focusing on anything becomes impossible when his mouth is busy on my box.

Somehow he ended up naked while I still had my clothes on–sans the blue panties m2of course–which was opposite of the night before. He pounded my pussy fantastically. I have bruises on my elbows and knees from that. I’m sure I came, as I’ve come so much in the past two days it’s hard to keep up. Oh wait! I know I did because he told me I did one of his favorite things–I got girl come all over his dick.

At one point I came from just his balls slapping my clit, which has never happened before. I love that feeling–balls slapping me while getting pounded and the sound of it–and it’s even better when it provides an orgasm in the process. Win.

We went down to the hot tub and relaxed and chatted. Which was nice. I don’t know why he’s so easy for me to be around but he’s the first boy in a while whose company I’ve enjoyed for more than a bang. After a bit we went to his room, changed and went down the road for some food. But no drinks, which was nice. And again, rare. Of late, it’s uncommon for me to hang out with a boy without drinking, either to ease the tension or make me actually want to fuck him.

Then we went to this weird little gas station where we got Sugar Free Red Bull (the 55b56d50df46d09368bc22d236a1a0df.image.272x550GIANT kind) and he got me a little present–a C-3PO Pez dispenser. I know this gift may sound silly but he knows I like that shit. He’s really fucking sweet, even though he’ll totally deny it. [He can’t now. –SSF] He sat close and pulled me near and kiss me randomly, all of which I like a lot and made me feel even more comfortable around him, which all lead to last night’s explosion.

It’s his fault the night became centered on me. I don’t even know how things started other than us getting naked. But I do remember him doing something to my sweet little box and telling me about something he’d read about squirting. I tried to tell him something I’d read about it being a myth. It’s really hard to talk when there’s someone doing what he was doing down there though.

Around this time the “witch” noise, as he described it, came out. I’d never heard myself do it before but found myself going there multiple times last night and found that it was a bit of a warning as to what was to come.

I didn’t make him pull away when I got really sensitive down there, which he said most girls do. I’m normally one of those girls, but not with him. I didn’t make him pull back, I just let him keep going. The boy really fucking knows what he’s doing down there. Really. And I know this will swell his head, but I don’t care, he’s fucking good.

I’m sure I’d had numerous orgasms–well into double digits–as he started to tell me about this thing he’d read and doing whatever it told him to do. I could feel what he was talking about and could almost feel myself spilling over but didn’t at first. After this first attempt he completely pounded my ass. m5

Fuckdamn, that was a good ass pounding. My ass bone is still wonderfully sore it was so good. It was a very aggressive ass reaming, which is something I really needed. Apparently he did too because he sure gave it his all.

We recuperated from that, I tweeted about it, and at some point very shortly after he tried the squirting thing again. And then things went into a blurry euphoria. I remember feeling something intense as he seemed to be pulling away. Or maybe I “sprayed” on him and that caught him off guard and he pulled back. Either way, I then became completely possessed.

I couldn’t control myself and I had the most intense orgasm, unlike any other–it was like it was coming from the inside and permeating through my clit. It was euphoric and fantastic. He laid there and watched the show. I don’t know how long that intensity went on–probably around 10 minutes.  I got really dry right after that (which he took care of with his magical mouth) but then for at least the next hour I was still having an orgasm or orgasms.

The slightest move or laugh, or if he’d tweet about something, or anything or nothing, and it’d go again–not as intense as it was at first but it was sustaining and that was intense all in itself. He fucked me during this time, which is all a blur, but I do remember that it felt fucking amazing.

After he fucked me I had to pee. Actually, I felt like I was going to pee all over him while he was fucking me. He had my ass up in the air but I was on my back and his dick was hitting my bladder or something around there. I swear to god I had a fucking orgasm when I went to pee. Fucking crazy.

The bedspread was soaked, I’m sure we were too, my girl come soaked everything. I was in a solid stupor for some time. For a while I was still having little tremors and my whole body was shaking from the inside, my pussy was like its own vibrator.

I have never, ever, never, felt anything so intense or have ever been so comfortable with anyone, sexually, to let myself go like that. I’m glad we refrained from drinking so that we could both fully experience the moment. Or moments, rather.

The only thing missing was that I really, really, really, wanted him to come all over me. I wanted to feel him come inside me, in my mouth. God, I wanted to taste him so damn bad. But I could hardly think or move or focus so I never got back to focusing on him before I passed out snuggled up next to him. So it’s really his fault that I wasn’t coherent enough to do him justice last night–he started the madness.

I felt like I was on drugs or drunk or something. Complete euphoria. I was laughing and almost crying at some points. I was curled up in a ball, sprawled out, whimpering, moaning–I honestly don’t even know what all I was doing. I fell off the bed at one point, which was funny as hell. Regardless, I always felt comfortable and free to let it out and no pressure, which is why it was all able to happen.

And it wasn’t like I had to rub myself in the least–I didn’t. If my hand was down there, I was just holding it there, kinda like I do after you have an orgasm, just putting pressure on my clit. That’s the only thing I’d do and I did that out of pure instinct.

The orgasm, or whatever you want to call it, was coming from the inside, from exactly where he’d said was the spot to make all this happen. It’s funny I was trying to tell him this was all a myth minutes before I went into convulsions.

He wanted me to call you at the beginning of this but I could hardly talk. He talked to me and I tried to talk back, but random words in no particular order ended up coming out. I don’t know if he turns all girls into bumbling messes, but he turned me into one.

About the squirting: I thought I knew my self/body better than that–I would have NEVER thought any of that would be possible. Fuck, my pussy is getting all worked up again just thinking about it. I kid you not. I want his fingers inside of me, and him near me. Even though my entire body is sore and feels so blissfully used, my little box wants more. What the hell?


Also, I’ve never said, “What the fuck?!” so many times in my life. It was like I was just along for a ride my body was taking. Fucking intense. I know this is long and rambling but I don’t want to forget anything that’s not already blurry and if too much time passes I’m worried I’ll forget the details. I want documentation, so you’re getting a tome all about the most amazing night of pleasure I’ve ever had.

I know TD’s going to get a big head but he deserves it for this one. This was different. I was sober and not expecting anything like that. So, my sweet little TD, job well done. Very well done.

Of course I had to leave in the wee hours, around 4:00 or 5:00 am, which I hated. I really wanted to wake up next to him and have great morning sex, but duty called and I needed to be home when the little one woke. One of these days I’ll wake up next to him and we’ll have a good morning fuck.

TD has requested an orgasm count. I’m going to try. Well over 10 before the squirting ever started. The most I have EVER come at one time was when I was masturbating.  Somehow I came back-to-back around 20 times, or I stopped counting at 20. If I could possibly pick out all the details from last night and count accurately it would be well over 20. The hour I was coming was full of big orgasms and little tremors, but it was just one giant orgasm anyway. I know it sounds crazy and honestly, I really think this is undershooting it, but I’m going with 30+. Although I know it had to be more than that.

And there were so many different ones! I’ve never had such variety of orgasms in one night. Pretty sure the majority of the bedspread was soaked at one point. [This is one of the reasons hotel bedspreads immediately go on the floor.  Though Meg juice is welcome on my spread any time.  –SSF] And I’d soak his face and mouth and chin and he’d bring it to my mouth–I’d never tasted myself so much before. I loved licking myself off of his prickly face. I seriously could go on and on, but I’ll spare you the gushing (ha, pun totally intended).

In conclusion, he’s really fucking sweet, his mouth is beyond talented and we went to the river together. I’d really like to cuddle up on the riverside with him again. That was really nice. And again, unexpected. This whole thing was unexpected really. Dammit, I’m gushing. Ok, that’s it.

I’m done. For now.m4