[Meg, guest writer of “Meg and TD” is back with another juicy story and hot photos that can only be seen here.  Enjoy.  –SSF]

I ran across some pictures and was reminded I never told you the story that put my nipple clamp love into overdrive.  It just might change your mind about them.  I know I’ve told you about the boss. There are many stories of us fucking in the rolling bookshelves that would be great scripts for any boss/employee-type porn, but this isn’t a story about that.

However, this was more momentous than getting fucked back in the bookshelves where we could’ve been caught so very easily, with the noise I make I’m surprised we never were.  This happened after his wife found a string of texts that were very explicit and after she had decided she wanted to fuck me too. I can’t remember if we’d all fucked together yet or not at the point of this event.

Regardless, I was in the habit of carrying around my clamps in my purse at the time … and wearing short skirts to work. As a matter of fact, that particular day I had on the same skirt I’ve seen your face under. The boss knew I had the clamps with me. (I’m sure I told him, knowing the horny little slut I was being.) Both of our desks could be viewed by any passersby who cared to look in so he took me back to the bookshelves and he put the clamps on me. He told me I couldn’t take them off until he said so. Him telling me what to do turned me on even more.

They don’t really hurt so much when you first put them on so I bounced back to my desk pain free. Our desks were about 3 feet from each other. I’m sure he was asking me about them, if they hurt, etc., when a co-worker who was always especially fond of my outfits and antics came back to chit chat. (It was a Friday and we were all killing time till time to go.) He mentioned how he liked my get-up and I murmured a thank you of some sort because by this time those little fuckers on my nipples were all I could think of. Mostly because they were starting to hurt, but having someone else in there made them all the naughtier, I felt like he could see right through me. And the boss had this grin on his face that only I knew what from. He could see me squirming and knew I was going to explode. So, of course, he kept the co-worker back there longer than I would’ve liked. Watching me squirm was half the fun.

I’ve never had a hard time with pain and have found that I actually enjoy it. That’s been the source of my fascination with bdsm. I haven’t dipped too much into it besides in my head, with this couple, and with the porn I favor. It excites me and I think I’d love to have someone abuse me in all those ways but really only in my imagination is where all of that is usually played out. There was some point, in night two, you had my legs spread more than they should have been able to be spread and it was making my hamstrings burn and hurt and you were fucking me hard. That moment reminded me of the nipple clamps and that mix of pain and pleasure is something I keep chasing. I wanted you to spread them more, make it hurt more and fuck me harder. I felt like a ragdoll then. I loved it.

DSC07195So the boss was watching me squirm. I tried to hang out in the conversation, but I couldn’t. I turned back around to my machine and pretended to be working. I was trying to apply pressure to my throbbing nipples to relieve them some; I desperately wanted to wait and let the boss take the clamps off. I’d think there was no way I could wait longer, then I’d wait longer. All the while, they were sitting about about 5 feet behind me. My squirms had to be apparent. And I was horny which makes me not sit like a lady and not care. So I waited longer. I don’t even remember what they were yakking about–I’m sure some tv show or football or other boy shit.

My entire body was on fire at that point. I couldn’t stand it any longer. So I went back and took them off. Holy shit, the feelings that rushed through my body at that moment were amazing. And all of it was pulsating from my nipples through the rest of me. Needless to say, my tiny panties were soaked through. So I trotted back out with a look on my face that said to the boss, “Get him the fuck out of here and get back here.”

The co-worker was gone in minutes. The boss took me back to the bookshelves. I had my tits out before I could think and told him to suck them. If you can somehow come from your nipples with nothing touching your pussy then I did then. My entire body went limp. And he sucked and sucked then went to the other one and did the same. He had to hold me up. My nipples had not brought me that much pleasure in years. It was fantastic. My body was on fire and tingly from head to toe. All over. I wanted my tits sucked forever right then.

After he did that, I dropped to my knees and sucked him off–I wanted a dick in my mouth and I didn’t really care if that’s what he wanted or not. He, of course, didn’t mind. I sucked him until he shot his load in my mouth and then I sucked him dry, licking it all up. My body was still humming, my eyes half rolled in the back of my head but I was coherent enough by this point and it was close enough to quitting time that we just bolted.

(That night we were to all three go out. I was very naughty that night; I’m pretty sure strangers may have inadvertently seen my slutty little vagina that night. I had on a short skirt, platform wedges and had taken my panties off and put them in my purse early on in the night. Squatting down to look at something with my knees spread wide gave many quite the view. We were at some hipster art gallery with naked girls on suspended rings, so I fit the scene nicely I’m sure.)

But I’m not done with our Friday afternoon antics. So we walked out to our cars, which were in full view of our office on the 12th floor, if anyone was looking down our way. Once we were there we realized he never spanked me during all of this. He liked to spank me and I’m very fond of that, so it was surprising that it never happened.

However, we couldn’t much do it there, we were too much on display. We found an open stairwell. It was dirty and stinky and didn’t have doors or anything, just open. We went down a flight until we were in the middle of the floors and I put my hands against the cold dirty concrete, sightly bent over. He flipped my skirt up and spanked my ass hard. It echoed in the stairwell, my screams did too. We would’ve been heard easily if anyone was in earshot.

He continued to spank me. He slapped my ass harder than he ever had before and probably harder than I’d ever received. It fucking hurt and I loved it. I knew my skin had to be red as hell; it was on fire. It was wearing me out, all of the endorphins that were being released, mixed with pleasure and combined with the dirty sluttiness of being spanked in a dirty stairwell. And my nipples were still throbbing. I was loud as I wanted to be because I didn’t give a shit, so he hit me harder because he was getting off on the echo and my noises.

We finally calmed down and I took my hot, red, bare ass and rubbed it up against his hard dick through his jeans; they were scratching my worn-out ass and that felt fucking awesome too. We regained some composure and walked back to our cars and went our separate ways to get ready for the evening. I never came (vaginally) during the whole afternoon. But that night, in my living room, with my ass high in the air I was fucked in the ass by a rather large dildo being administered by his wife while he watched, and I came and came.

And now I’m horny as fuck and I want you to ream my ass.

I placed an ad on Craig’s List under w4mw Casual Encounters with the headline, “Teach Me How to Fuck Your Guy’s Ass.”  My intent was to find mw couples who were already engaging in pegging so they would have the equipment, and so she could show me, via both demonstration and instruction, how to fuck ass properly.

I wanted a woman to teach me because she assumably had the same problem I feared–not being able to feel the phallus used in the harness.  I did not want to get the equipment myself and fuck some guy’s ass without any lessons for fear that I’d hurt him (any more than he desired–which is NOT to say ass fucking should hurt; it should not).

I got many responses, as per usual with CL.  A LOT of the respondents clearly were instituting the gunshot approach by responding to every listing that had been placed by a woman (or a “woman” bot).  These sex hunters shoot their email buckshot far and wide without concern for their sexy prey.  My ad was very specific, yet I had a number of responses from men who’d never been pegged and who didn’t have partners.  Also, several responses from guys who wanted to fuck my ass.  I dig getting my ass fucked, but that wasn’t going to help me learn how to fuck properly with a strap-on.  Besides, I had been been the anally receptive partner countless times; it was my turn to top, dammit.

Through email exchanges I settled on one couple I could tell was experienced in the fine art of pegging.  S&E live in the next neighborhood, Bernal Heights, so we decided to meet at a local dive bar, the 3300 Club.  They are in their mid-30s and she and I have the same first name, so we already had at least two things in common–names and the desire to fuck her husband in the ass. We chatted over drinks, and then I went to the bathroom.

Always when meeting couples for the first time I go to the bathroom to give them the opportunity to talk about me.  And check out my ass (duh).  I think it’s polite to afford them time to determine whether they’re both attracted to me and whether they want to share their bed with me.  I was hoping to be a guest in S&E’s sex life, so other than my participation, everything was up to them.  We had already established our ground rules via email–E’s cock would not be entering my pussy–but otherwise anything was game provided we all wanted things to go forward.

I returned from the bathroom and S very sweetly told me, “We like you” with a big dumb grin on her face.  So cute!  What a nice ego boost to be told a couple finds me so interesting and sexy and fun that they both want to have their way with me.

Some weeks later I walked to their house for the big event.  We had drinks and played with their dogs (not like that, you sick fucks).  Eventually we went to their bedroom (the dogs were locked away in the garage).  I was very nervous about strapping on and fucking him.  They showed me their toys and S put on the harness to show me it wasn’t intimidating at all.


S with a cock wasn’t the least bit scary; actually, she was sexy as hell. She strutted around the bedroom showing off her big dick.  I wanted to know how she fucked with it.  Somehow, instead of demonstrating by fucking E’s ass, her cock found its way into my pussy.

It was a new sensation for me–having a woman with smooth skin and soft flesh pounding away at me with her cock.  While she was fucking me from behind, my mouth found its way to E’s prick.  Because of this experience I now know that one of my all-time favorite things is getting my pussy pounded from behind whilst my mouth is full of cock.

One of the great things about being fucked with a dildo is that it’s always hard.  E shot his load–which I happily gobbled down–and was enjoying the after glow, all while S continued banging away at my cunt.  Eventually she tired of working her hips to fuck me.  Then the three of us did various things that three horny people do together until we were all exhausted.

We did not, however, ever get around to me fucking his ass.  We had a great time, and I was definitely not disappointed in any way as I stumbled home, drunk on both drink and sex.

We got together a second time, and once again we got distracted from our main goal when when E’s cock went in my mouth and S’s cock went in my cunt.  I think I’d choose that “position” if I had to fuck just one way for the rest of my life, though I’m glad I don’t have to make such a harrowing choice.

I was beginning to think I was never going to get a chance to fuck man ass.  I lamented my fate to Mr. Zip, a friend with whom I speak about my sexual adventures at least once a week.  Mr. Zip has no interest in getting pegged so he didn’t even volunteer to help me out of my woeful situation.

I was considering placing another CL ad with a similar headline until I got another email from S&E requesting my presence at their place.

I walked there a third time.  S was wearing a floor-length, high-necked night gown that would have been matronly but for the fact that it was constructed of extremely sheer cotton.  She looked so at-ease and sexy in the gown that I was immediately put on sex alert.  Being able see her tits at attention as soon as I walked in the front door made me realize that night would not be like the previous two we had spent together.  I was very much distracted by being able to see S’s body beneath the gown.  S sensed this, I’m sure, because she soon went into the bedroom–removing her nightie on the way.

E and I followed her into the bedroom.  This time I made it clear that I was not going to pass up my opportunity to fuck his ass; that I would be distracted neither by a hard cock in my mouth nor my twat.  S helped me into the harness and assumed the role of Sexy Professor of Ass Fuck.  She was an excellent instructor.

E got on his hands and knees.  S pulled out the lube.  She lubed up her fingers and loosened up his ass as she told me what he he liked.  She talked about him as if he were merely an object, which was very fucking hot.  I watched her lubed fingers slide into and out of his ass.  She assured me his ass was clean and ready to be fucked.  Eventually, I got behind him and slid my lubed cock into his ass VERY slowly.

E made it obvious he was enjoying himself, which I appreciated.  I tentatively slid my cock into his ass as I got used to the feeling and sight of pushing into him.  It felt so fucking hot to slowly slip into his pretty little ass.

And then I wanted to fuck. The harness was well-placed and I just wanted to pound his ass, hard.  Harder.  I grabbed onto his hips and pulled his ass toward me.  I thrusted, the pressure growing each time I jammed my cock into his asshole.  S, and any comments she may have been making, faded into the background because I was fucking.

I was making guttural noises–fuck sounds–as I pounded his ass.  His cock was so hard.  I reached around so I could stroke it but he told S that he couldn’t handle that much stimulation.  Only I could barely understand what was going on so she had to push my hand away.  He pushed back into my cock as I thrust into him.  I grabbed onto his shoulders so I could pull his whole body onto my cock; so I could fuck him even more ferociously.

Every time I checked in with him to make sure he was excited by what was going on he grunted in approval.  I lost track of S and it was just me and my cock and E.  Eventually E turned over–so I could fuck him face-to-face.

With us facing each other I needed to be gentler, but any thrill lost from savagely fucking his ass was made up for by seeing his face–as I continued to thrust into him.  He looked so pretty.  I looked into his eyes and I knew how men must feel when they’re fucking women.  The look of utter surrender and pleasure on his face was wonderful.

I continued to slide the dildo into his ass until I was becoming too distracted by his hard cock.  Looking down at the erection that I was causing was fucking hot.  I was sorry that it was too much for him to let me bob my head down and suck it at that point.  Eventually I began to hear S talking; I hadn’t realized she had been cheering us on all along.

Finally, I pulled out and lie next to him.  We were both panting.  I took the harness off and S took it and the dildo it contained away.  I asked E if he would give me an assessment of how I’d done, but he wasn’t ready just yet; he was still processing.

I think I did a good fucking job (pun intended).

I swear.  True story.

It’s come to my attention that I left y’all hanging.  I’m sorry I didn’t help you blow your collective wad.

I still don’t know E’s assessment of my skills, as I’ve not seen S and E again.  We’ve exchanged emails and they’ve assured me that they dig my scene, but that they’re busy with the boring life stuff.